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Increase your digital visibility and reduce costs for SEO and AdWords

SITEREX increases your website(s) revenue through Easy-To-Understand performance tracking and content optimization recommendations aimed at generating more visitors from search engines and other sources.


Concrete optimization recommendations

SITEREX gives you valuable and very detailed tips and ideas for better content optimization. Eliminate the need for expensive Optimization Experts!


Keep track of your search engine efforts

SITEREX' unique content optimization index shows your ability to please visitors and search engines like Google.


Traffic KPI's from Google Analytics

Follow your most important KPI-numbers from Google Analytics and other mainstream traffic-tools. SITEREX can be directly connected to your traffic-tools.


€ 199,-


  • Weekly scans of website
  • Up to 2 domains inclusive of subdomains
  • Terms for use



€ 299,-


  • Weekly scan of website
  • Up to 6 domains incl. of subdomains
  • Terms for use


€ 499,-    


  • Weekly scan of website(s)
  • Up to 15 domains incl. of sub-domains
  • Terms for use


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Christian Beer
CEO and co-founder of Dynamicweb Software

At Dynamicweb we promote our software globally with several websites and SITEREX is helping us to get the “Big SEO Picture” for all our websites. SITEREX continuously delivers recommendations about the needed changes on our websites in easy-to-understand format

Stig Pedersen
Director of Marketing at Weber-Stephen Products EMEA
We use our SITEREX account on a daily basis. It helps us improve our digital brand and enables us to support our online retailers to sell even more of our products
Try It Free 5-day free trial
No credit card required.